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Maternal Fetal Medicine World Congress Miami 2024 - Inglés

  • 90Days
  • 25Steps


We are pleased to present you a wide selection of videos of the most notable recordings of this important world congress. During the event, various cutting-edge topics in the field of fetal medicine were explored, addressing crucial aspects for maternal and fetal health. Notable topics addressed in the congress sessions include: Fetal surgery: Exploring the latest techniques and advances in fetal surgery to improve outcomes in complex cases. Diabetic fetopathy: Analyzing the challenges and management strategies for diabetes-related complications during pregnancy. Fetal neurology: Delving into the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders in the fetus to optimize neurological outcomes. Fetal therapy: Reviewing the innovative therapeutic options available to treat serious medical conditions in the fetus before birth. Gastroschisis: Addressing multidisciplinary approaches to the management of this congenital abdominal malformation. Multiple pregnancy: Discussing complications and management strategies in pregnancies with multiple fetuses. Detection of congenital anomalies during pregnancy: Highlighting prenatal diagnostic tools and their impact on clinical management. Pericallosal lipomas and other anomalies: Exploring rare findings and challenges in prenatal diagnosis and management. These videos offer a valuable opportunity to update knowledge, learn from experts in the field, and explore the latest research and advances in fetal medicine. We hope you enjoy this educational and enriching resource!

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