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Fetal Surgery Simulators and Hands ON

High fidelity Simulation is one of the fundamental pillars of the Master Class and is a development applied by Dr. Mauricio Herrera that ensures the acquisition of skills in Fetal Therapy and Fetal Surgery. ​

We use the best simulators in the world applied to surgery and fetal therapy.


These simulators allow procedures to be carried out with maximum reality for surgery and validated fetal therapy such as: ​

1. Hands- Eye coordination Simulators 

2. Amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, Cordocentesis

3. Fetoscopy, access techniques.

4. Photocoagulation of planetary vessels for the treatment of TTTS

5. Umbilical cord ligation

6. Endoscopic balloon tracheal occlusion for intrauterine management of diaphragmatic hernia

7. Insertion of thoraco-amniotic and vesicoamniotic shunts

8. Myelomeningocele, fetoscopic technique. 

7. Treatment of lower urinary obstruction.


Hands -Eye Coordination Exercises
Amniocentesis - Cordocentesis - CVS
Festocopic access to the amniotic cavity - Placental Laser 
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Spina Bifida In Utero Repair - Open and Fetoscopic Technique
Fetal Shunts - FETO Procedure - The Fetal Airway - Fetal Tumors
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Mauricio Herrera M

Head Chief Maternal Fetal Medicine Department

Fetal Surgery and Therapy International Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Keralty Holdings

FIMMF Presidente



Scientific Committee

Mauricio Herrera

Mandeep Singh


Fetal Surgery and Therapy Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Bogota - Colombia


Fernando Sanchez 

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