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Course Description

Fetal interventions are becoming less invasive and require training and experience for optimal results. The Fetal Therapy Simulation Course provides an excellent opportunity to explore these techniques in detail, to gain hands-on experience with the instruments and procedures, and to receive feedback on a person's performance and avoid complications.

All of our professors are specialists in Maternal Fetal Medicine and perform comprehensive fetal therapy with experience from some of the most important fetal medicine centers in the world.

The procedures will be carried out using maternal and fetal simulation models with maximum resolution and allow a real experience, in turn, during the course participation in the Fetal Therapy Board will be allowed to live in a real way.

This course is suitable for maternal-fetal medicine or fetal medicine specialists who perform fetal interventions. Participants will also be introduced to a network to share and discuss difficult cases in the future.

For 2024 we have 3 dates:






The course will include Hands ON workshops on:


















We want to welcome you from now on, we are sure that we will achieve an atmosphere of academic immersion that will allow us to ensure the learning of all attendees. We hope you will consider participating.

Mauricio Herrera

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March 13 - 17 2024
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Bogota, Colombia The Venue of the Fetal Surgery Center



Mauricio Herrera M

Head Chief Maternal Fetal Medicine Department

Fetal Surgery and Therapy International Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Keralty Holdings

FIMMF Presidente



Scientific Committee

Mauricio Herrera

Mandeep Singh


Fetal Surgery and Therapy Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Bogota - Colombia


Fernando Sanchez 

Mobile-whatsapp: +57 3148503198

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