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Learning Objectives and Methodology

The main objective of the Master Class in Fetal Therapy and Surgery is to offer an intensive training to the assistants that allows them to understand the techniques of fetal therapy and surgery from the parameters of Maternal Fetal Medicine, starting with the indications, pathologies susceptible to intervention, knowledge of fetoscopy instruments and acquiring the skills to perform validated fetal therapy procedures. 

Specific Objectives 

At the end of the Master Class the participants will be able to:

•    To Perform invasive ultrasound-guided diagnostic tests such as amniocentesis, CVS, cordocentesis.

•    To perform ultrasound-guided fetal therapy and punctures.

•    Evaluation, definition and application of fetal shunts.

•    To Know and manipulate fetoscopy, laser equipment.

•    To Know and manipulate the equipment for laser photocoagulation of placental vessels.

•    To know and manipulete the equipment for cord ligation - oclussion.

•    To Know and manipulate the equipment for performing endotracheal occlusion in diaphragmatic hernia and fetal airway

•    To know the techniques in fetal surgery for myelomeningocele in utero repair.

•    To Discuss indications for validated fetal therapy

•    To Discuss experimental fetal therapy.




Mauricio Herrera M

Head Chief Maternal Fetal Medicine Department

Fetal Surgery and Therapy International Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Keralty Holdings

FIMMF Presidente



Scientific Committee

Mauricio Herrera

Mandeep Singh


Fetal Surgery and Therapy Center

Colsanitas Clinic - Bogota - Colombia


Fernando Sanchez 

Mobile-whatsapp: +57 3148503198

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