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Mauricio Herrera M

Head Chief Maternal Fetal Medicine Department - Clínica Colsanitas

Global CEO- Momprenatal 

Presidente FIMMF



Scientific Committee


Fundacion Internacional de Medicina Materno Fetal


Scientific Support


  • Kypros Nicolaides Fetal Medicine Center

  • Momprenatal




Scientific Information

Dates: December 8 - 9 de 2023

Venue: Intercontinental Hotel - Convention Center 

           Aquamarina Hall 

           Cartagena - Colombia

Official Language:

English is the official language, you can count on Spanish translation.

Attendance Certificate: The certificate of course attendance will be sent to you via EMAIL once 100% completion of the course is certified.


Cartagena is a city without seasons. The climate of Cartagena is dry tropical or xeromegaterno tropical, that is, corresponding to vegetation typical of dryness and high temperatures.


The currency in Colombia is the Colombian peso. To convert your country's currency to the Dollar

American visit

Electricity: Mainly 110/120 volts AC, 60Hz. The plugs are American type, with two flat pins.

Time Zone: GMT -5

Invitation Letter: To obtain a personal invitation letter please send an E-mail to indicating the reason and to whom it should be addressed. You will receive it in the following hours via E-Mail with electronic signature.

Colombian Visa: There are restrictions for entry to Colombia. We suggest consulting with your travel agency.

Sponsors: VINNO is the exclusive sponsor.

For contact: For more information about the Prenatal Diagnosis of Anomalies Course Congenital - 100 congenital anomalies Hands ON, write to us at:

Secretary: For scientific program, Registration, sponsors, exhibitions and social events. Email:

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